Why choose to have no MSP/VMS for your contingent labor program? Here are 11 reasons in no particular order:

1. You prefer all aspects of your business be unmanaged. You thrive on chaos and confusion and would suffer a panic attack if things were under control.

2. You consider managing staffing suppliers and processes to be your core competency – along with every other function necessary to run your organization. Personally, you refuse to even outsource dental work or surgery, eschewing the expertise of trained professionals for your own skills and education.

3. You are a Luddite. You are systematically eliminating all technology from your workplace and have already ditched your latest technology acquisition – the facsimile machine. Smartphones are rapidly being replaced by dumb ones or party lines. You also refer to your IT department as ET.

4. Compliance creates no real benefit. Rules and regulations, even those mandated by federal and state governments, are made to be broken. You’ve also started a movement to have your HR team secede from The Union.

5. You are convinced that risk is a myth. And all those attorney billboards on the highway are an alien conspiracy.

6. You believe there are more qualified workers than jobs and notice there is a line forming at your door to fill out applications. This is, as you would have it, due to the true rumor that none of your staffing suppliers do background checks or E-verify.

7. Standardization is stupid. Or stupid is standardization…either way works fine for you.

8. You can forecast your staffing needs by throwing darts at a crudely crafted headcount chart or reading your horoscope. Or you don’t see the benefit in forecasting since it lessens your company’s normal pandemonium.

9. Organizational efficiencies are just bogus theories propagated by overpriced consultants and specialists who are no more essential than dentists and surgeons. Your mantra is “manual means more.”

10. The cocktail napkin has always been the best place to document important business information, including contracts and HR manuals. Paper products make up 72.876 percent of your HR budget.

11. Numbers exist, but without any meaning or useful purpose. So data has no value in your organization. You make talent acquisition decisions based on intuition, random ruminations, ecstatic visions, cloud patterns or the occasional audible voice from God.