Core Competencies

The new paradigm for smaller organizations that have multiple locations, and more than one staffing provider, is that managing this pivotal piece of their talent acquisition strategy doesn’t have to be manual or lack operational visibility, even those who need skills in high volume, highly transactional “blue/pink collar” staffing models. They too can have the tools and processes needed to create efficiencies, control costs, reduce risk, generate actionable data, and, ultimately, position themselves to be more competitive businesses and employers.

As a part of The Ōnin Group, one of the largest suppliers of light industrial (LI) staffing in the US, Excelsior MS3P knows – even loves – LI staffing. Our keen understanding of this vertical gives us a distinctive insight into the way these programs need to be crafted and managed. And they do need unique, not boilerplate, solutions.

It’s difficult to fully understand and architecture effective solutions when avoiding or just tolerating light industrial staffing. Preferring “cleaner,” higher margin business, many larger MSPs take on LI spend only because it’s a necessary evil that allows them to capture the more attractive Professional/Technical piece of the program. If an MSP hasn’t gotten its own hands dirty being an LI staffing provider or embracing that sector as a core competency, they often struggle to build sustainable models. When it comes to constructing high volume, highly transactional LI models with truly engaged suppliers, it usually “takes one to know one.”


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