Staffing Technology Solutions

Does your company have an accounting software? How about an HRIS? An ATS? Email? Then why wouldn’t you use a technology tool to manage millions of dollars in staffing spend and all of your suppliers and processes? Today, it’s no longer true that you aren’t big enough to have a VMS (vendor management software), especially if you have multiple staffing suppliers.

Excelsior MS3P can provide you with an easy-to-use, robust, cost-effective technology platform that will ultimately save you both time and money. With real-time insights into the dynamics of your contingent workforce, you can identify opportunities to maximize cost savings, improve worker quality, mitigate risk and enhance overall program efficiencies. With on-demand analytics, you can better track how effectively you acquire talent, measure the quality of suppliers, and manage your spend and supplier remittance.

If the situation is right, we can even give you a free 90-day trial of our VMS application and let you see if it brings you the value we believe it will. And when managing multiple suppliers, funding for this powerful technology is often provided by your vendor partners who also benefit from the efficiencies and simplicity of the platform. Implementation will take days instead of weeks.


Our expert solution architects will work in concert with you and your staffing goals to build something that’s Simple, Scalable and Smart.