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VMS Philosophy

Excelsior MS3P is technology agnostic and able to work with your vendor management system/software (VMS) of choice. If desired, however, our seasoned consultants will guide you through the process of selecting the best VMS partner based on your unique business situation. Strategically and smartly configuring the correct platform is critical for optimal results.

How much technology does it take to run a small- to medium-size staffing program? Enough. That said, programs designed for small- to medium-size businesses don’t need the “bells and whistles” that global, multi-billion dollar conglomerates do. And you shouldn’t have to pay for technology capabilities you will never use. What your internal stakeholders do need is streamlined functionality that makes the tool user-friendly for even a manufacturing line supervisor. The entire talent supply chain needs a simple, scalable platform and a tool so intuitive that the training needed is minimal.

Excelsior MS3P can provide you with an easy-to-use, robust, cost-effective technology platform that will ultimately save you both time and money. With real-time insights into the dynamics of your contingent workforce, you can identify opportunities to maximize cost savings, improve worker quality, mitigate risk and enhance overall program efficiencies. With on-demand analytics, you can better track how effectively you acquire talent, measure the quality of suppliers and manage your spend and supplier remittance.


Our expert solution architects will work in concert with you and your staffing goals to build something that’s Simple, Scalable and Smart.