What does an MSP do?

The MSP (Master Service Provider) is a company that manages the contingent labor program for their client and holds the contracts with the staffing vendors. It measures the staffing suppliers’ performance against Service Level Agreements (SLAs), typically consisting of time-to-fill, fill rate, rate card compliance, and quality metrics. The MSP leverages their knowledge of the staffing industry and interfaces with 3 key stakeholder communities—Client Executive Sponsors, Suppliers, and Hiring Managers—to optimize, streamline, and enhance the client’s talent acquisition processes and sourcing models.

MSPs help companies improve access to quality talent as part of their overall workforce strategy. Typical components within an MSP program include:

  • Contract management and compliance
  • Requisition review with hiring managers to ensure accuracy, clarity, and compliance with policy
  • Candidate pre-screening so that hiring managers only review the best candidates
  • Continuous review of open positions and supplier engagement to ensure adequate submittal activity
  • Process management through the interviewing and onboarding process
  • Supplier management to ensure adequate quality, quantity, and cost
  • Reporting and data analytics
  • Best practice sharing and benchmarking
  • VMS management and compliance

MSP and Program Management

The Program Manager is responsible for overall management of the Contingent Workforce Solution (CWS) program for the assigned client. This includes:

Managing the supplier program and its day-to-day operations – implementing and managing the requisition/submittal process and overseeing job placement, supplier selection and contract negotiations, day-to-day troubleshooting and problem resolution, managing on-going relationships and communication, performing periodic benchmarking of the suppliers, etc.
Responsible for maximizing customer satisfaction, maintaining and building new relationships, and issue/conflict resolution.
Financial and administrative responsibilities include implementation, training and administration of the VMS for client and supplier users, supplier benchmarking and reporting, and scheduled performance reviews.
Accountable for setting performance expectations and managing MSP department and branch staff priorities and results.