Master Vendor + Technology Solution

Is your staffing program too small to outsource to an MSP, but it IS big enough to need a better way to manage suppliers and processes? If you fall into this category, Excelsior MS3P can bring unique solutions to the partnership.

Is any company of The Ōnin Group your primary vendor or your staffing supplier with the majority of your business? If so, we can provide technology solutions you can use enterprise-wide to improve the way you manage contingent labor. In many cases, we can provide that technology for free or at an extremely nominal cost.

When it comes to everything from distributing job orders, to timekeeping, to vendor payment, and pretty much everything in between, you deserve technology that will not only give you visibility into your program, but be a decision-making tool. This tool makes your business more efficient, competitive and profitable.

Excelsior MS3P can be much more than a staffing supplier: We can be your trusted workforce solutions partner.


Our expert solution architects will work in concert with you and your staffing goals to build something that’s Simple, Scalable and Smart.