There is a need.

Smaller companies who use a contingent workforce as a critical part of their business model often think there are few technology and solution options to improve and manage this process. True, most of the larger players in the Managed Services Provider (MSP) and Vendor Management Software (VMS) space haven’t built their applications for this niche, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a need. Or a solution. Smaller enterprises can benefit immeasurably from the latest in talent acquisition tools and processes – and in some cases, it is absolutely necessary to stay competitive in the current labor market and business climate.

Staffing is changing…even for smaller companies.

The new paradigm for smaller organizations that have multiple locations (even if it’s just a couple), and more than one staffing provider, is that managing this pivotal piece of their talent acquisition strategy doesn’t have to be manual or lack operational visibility – even those who need skills in high volume, highly transactional light industrial staffing models. They too can have the tools and processes needed to create efficiencies, control costs, reduce risk, generate actionable data and, ultimately, position themselves to be more competitive businesses and employers. The key is to know what you are looking for and then where to look.

But it costs too much

And sometimes it does, especially if you are paying for more than you need or the economies of scale seem to work against you as a smaller enterprise. But simpler solutions, built specifically for mid-market companies with “blue/pink collar” labor demands, are available. And they provide plenty of functionality for these kinds of staffing applications at less cost than many would expect. If you are looking more for what you really ‘need’ – not what you ‘want’ (often needless bells and whistles) – to better run your talent acquisition function, affordability is no longer as big of an issue. No, probably the big-name players aren’t going to be economical for a smaller company, or even particularly interested, but they aren’t the only human capital organizations offering top-notch solutions in the contingent labor niche.

…and it isn’t customized for our unique situation.

What larger MSP/VMS companies typically can’t offer smaller organizations, often due to their lack of agility, is a focus on collaboration and customization that produces a simple, scalable, smart solution. Mid-market, high volume staffing applications require a keen understanding of this vertical and a distinctive insight into the way these programs need to be crafted and managed. They need unique, not boilerplate, solutions. And they need a solution that grows with them and is easy to use. Look for a partner who really understands staffing in your industry, and one that creates a unique vendor management solution based on shared expertise.

Are there really useful, affordable options?

In short, yes! Smaller organizations benefit greatly from working with nimble, smaller partners in building and implementing unique, strategic workforce programs that bring highly functional, cost-effective technology and management solutions to talent acquisition challenges. Simple, scalable, smart MSP/VMS is available to mid-market companies with critical staffing needs. Not only can you afford it, you really can’t afford to do without it in the ever-evolving landscape of workforce acquisition and solutions.